Mobile Events

Madd Matt’s, one of Manhattan Laser Tag’s partners, brings you high-end mobile laser tag equipment and portable arena. This is pro-grade commercial equipment – not some cheesy spaceship inflatable with plastic toy laser taggers.

Madd Matt’s laser tag equipment is like playing “Call of Duty” with live action equipment.

You can play laser tag anywhere, day or night. Play outdoors at a campground, backyard or park. Or set up your field indoors. We’ve used ballrooms, gymnasiums and other large rooms. You can fill an area as large as 10,000 square feet with dozens of safe, light-weight obstacles.

Unique Laser Tag Features
  • Red dot scopes on every laser tagger
  • Realistic weight, look and feel
  • Multiple sound effects let you know when you’re hit and when you tag an opponent
  • Ranges of up to 300 yards
  • Single shot, burst shot or full auto
  • Adjustable stocks

You can play team games and scenario games. You can enjoy games you know like Domination, Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, Doubloons and Captains.

The Domination Box

Bring the excitement of video games into the real world with the Domination Box.

This exciting prop recreates domination-style king of the hill games with electronic scoring. Nobody controls the box at the beginning. Your team can control the box by reaching the middle of the field and holding down your team’s button for five seconds.

Once you control the box, it’s time to defend it. Watch out! The opposing team is sure to want to control the box for themselves.

The game is over when the maximum points are reached. Games of Domination last 5-10 minutes.

Add a Light Show

Enhance your Indoor Laser Tag event with LED lighting. We can set up a variety of themed lights to make the game more fun for a small additional fee.

Important Notes
  • Suitable for ages 7 and up (great for teens or college students!)
  • Electricity required to before event to fill obstacles
  • If playing outdoors, you will be required to secure any permits or permissions necessary from local governments or homeowner’s associations
  • Outdoor events will continue in light rain and snow


Limited availability. Please call or text us at 607-316-2237 or complete our for pricing and more information.

Deposit required to confirm event.

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